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Budget Rare – Battlegrace Angel

March 29, 2011

Ah, Battlegrace Angel. You are such a balanced card.

Miss Graceful doing her best impression of someone more familiar

Battlegrace Angel is a rare card from the Shards of Alara set. This card served me well as a budget substitute for Baneslayer Angel in my Standard deck when I began playing Magic again in 2010. Baneslayer Angel began as a $20 card at the time, and as a new(ish) player, I never had the money to buy them before they shot up even further. Battlegrace Angels were a perfect budget substitute for many players, serving largely the same role in decks that wanted a white top-end finisher.

Battlegrace Angel does pretty much the same thing in cube. There are some big differences, of course, when you compare it to the demon smiter. The difference in power and toughness, and loss of first strike is significant. Exalted forces you to attack with only one creature to get the main benefit. In cube matches, Battlegrace Angel may be the only effective attacker on the field, so this limitation may be mitigated somewhat. The ability to give another creature lifelink is ancillary, but still effective, since it lets you gain some life a turn earlier than Baneslayer Angel.

Overall, Battlegrace Angel is a fun, solid card for budget cubes, and can make the cut for a long while in maturing cubes. White has a lot of finishers available to it, so it is a good spot in the cube to save money when constructing a cube from scratch.

Cost:  $1
Value:  A
Staple Cube Size:  630

  1. eidolon permalink

    I enjoyed playing with the Angel in both my cube and casual deck, especially when Lifelink still used to stack and if you went BGA into BGA, you could suddenly attack for a 18 points lifeswing with what used to be a 4/4.

    However you have missed one of the most important things about Baneslayer Angel: it also has lifelink when it blocks, which can just shut down your opponent’s complete offense as long as it is on the table. BGA gives a creature you control lifelink, the turn it comes into play, but that would also assume that you are in a position where you can afford to attack and not die in the back swing, or when your opponent can deal with your attacker.

  2. NewbornMuse permalink

    If you have a lifelinker, it can usually attack and you still win the race. Just saying.

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