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Mistakes in Cubing – Basic Lands

April 8, 2011

So, the first few times I drafted my cube, I had a problem: I didn’t have enough basic lands. I thought I did, but I quickly found out otherwise, when immediately after drafting the packs, I had 7 people simultaneously asking where the lands were, why weren’t there enough plains, if they could re-sleeve their sideboard cards with their own basics, and more. I was trying to put my own deck together at the same time, got a bit frazzled, and blew up a friend sitting next to me.

Don’t do that. It’s just not worth it, and I felt really bad about it afterward. Instead, take the precautions I should have in the first place, and make sure you have enough basic lands for your cube.

Nowadays, I make sure that I have enough lands for two people in the draft to be heavy in a single color, without accounting for nonbasics. I’ve had some 8-man drafts now, so that means running at least 30 of each basic land type (sleeved). I have unsleeved lands just in case the draft is a bit skewed, as well.

So have some peace of mind, and be prepared with a lot of basic lands. Your drafters will thank  you when you have them readily available, and it’s just one less thing you have to worry about when drafting.


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  1. eidolon permalink

    It is not 100% cube related, but since my initial land box was too big for the cube lands alone, I ended up creating a general limited box, where I have my (sleeved) cube lands, a section of various tokens, the regular basics and some basics in penny sleeves, so that the regular drafts go faster and nobody needs to draft with unsleeved cards anymore, which is important, since we pick rares at the end of the event.

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