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Quick Draft Report (04/10/11)

April 12, 2011

Had a great time at my friend Marc’s apartment yesterday. Ended up playing a ton of Dominion (which I suck at since I’m still new to the game), and two cube drafts! Our first draft was a 6-player team draft. We had one other player that’s familiar with cubing, and four people new to the format, so we split the teams by experience to ensure they were even.

My team consisted of WR aggro (me), WR “8-Wrath” control, and BG rock/Loam; vs. Ur tempo/burn, BR aggro, and Jund “Smash you with my 6 drops & I still got all these.”

Red was apparently really present/deep in this draft, which bode well for all of the aggro decks and available removal.

Highlights include:

  • WR control player chaining wrath effects to force an Ajani Vengeant ultimate
  • My Ur opponent getting an early Stone Rain on my 2nd land, keeping me off of 3 land for most of the game, until he decks himself by using Jace Beleren other draw spells too many times in the game.
  • Same opponent punting game 3 twice. My only play is Zo-Zu with Armageddon vs. a Masticore and untapped lands at 2 life. Forgets to ping Zo-Zu. Then forgets the upkeep trigger. Oops. Sorry bud, you should have won that one!

A few people had to leave, and we did a 4-man draft, also teams to save some time. We modified the pack sizes to 4 x 11. My teammate managed to draft RB control and Rw aggro at the same time, and went mono-red in the end. Probably the fastest deck I’ve seen out of the cube so far, even with Inferno Titan and Hellkite Charger topping out the curve. I drafted one of my pet decks, Bant Survival/blink, with Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Garruk Wildspeaker, and lots of EtB and blink effects. Our opponents built 4-color control with a Sunblast Angel, Life from the Loam, and Spitting Image combo; and blue-based control. Our team managed to sweep the matches. No huge plays in this draft that I recall, but Lone Missionary was my MVP, getting bounced with Stonecloaker and Flickerwisp a few times to stave off Blastoderm

The only deck that didn’t seem to do well was the BG rock/loam deck in draft #1, but I’ll attribute that mostly to the player’s unfamiliarity with the format and some bad luck, rather than play ability.

All in all, a great day of gaming and cubing, and I got some good feedback playing and watching the games regarding the cards in my cube. Aggro is working as well as I want it to. Hell-Bent Raider (testing) didn’t go in the maindeck of the mono-red deck, so no results there. At the moment, Dwarven Miner is out for the Raider, because it hasn’t seen much play either – however, this would have been a good opportunity for the Miner to see play. In any case, this slot and Goblin Wardriver are on my watch list. I still have my old standby’s Ronin Houndmaster and Suq’Ata Lancer, that play similarly. I’d really like some two-drops instead. One of these days I might get my hands on a morph to test.


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  1. eidolon permalink

    “Then forgets the upkeep trigger. Oops. Sorry bud, you should have won that one!”
    I usually remind my opponents about optional triggers in cube and other casual formats, since some people are too much used to Modo doing that work for them. It also prevents you from unintentional cheating, when you are not sure if a trigger is mandatory or not, but don’t want to read the card in front of your opponent, because that way he knows for sure that there is something important about that card.

    It is way more satisfying to win against an opponent, who did his best to win the game or even a small misplay, but not just by simply playing sloppy.

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