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Commander Deck – Sharuum the Hegemon

June 30, 2011

I’ve had a couple requests for my Sharuum Commander deck. Sharuum is a pretty powerful and popular general in Commander. My deck right now is a mostly “fair” deck that happens to have some backbreaking combos in it. It’s intended for multiplayer (how my playgroup plays pretty much exclusively), and is probably one of the more powerful decks in our group. I like Sharuum because it requires some forethought to how the game needs to play out, and has lines of play that encourage you to plan ahead a little bit. My deck has optional lines of play depending on how much heat I want to put on myself or what other decks need answering.

Anyway, on to the list!

Sharuum the Hegemon

Non-Basic Land

  • Terramorphic Expanse
  • Esper Panorama
  • Jwar Isle Refuge
  • Sejiri Refuge
  • Orzhov Basilica
  • Vivid Meadow
  • Shimmering Grotto
  • Rupture Spire
  • Phyrexia’s Core
  • Bojuka Bog
  • Halimar Depths


  • Sphinx Summoner
  • Sphinx of the Steel Wind
  • Enigma Sphinx
  • Thopter Foundry
  • Sen Triplets
  • Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
  • Unmake
  • Time Sieve
  • Magister Sphinx


  • Executioner’s Capsule
  • Disciple of the Vault
  • Fleshbag Marauder
  • Diabolic Tutor
  • Rise from the Grave


  • Oblivion Ring
  • Open the Vaults
  • Leonin Abunas
  • Sanctum Gargoyle
  • Archon of Justice
  • Scourglass
  • Austere Command
  • Wrath of God
  • Day of Judgment


  • Rhystic Study
  • Recurring Insight
  • Dismiss
  • Jace’s Ingenuity
  • Hurkyl’s Recall
  • Reshape
  • Fabricate
  • Confiscate
  • Tezzeret the Seeker
  • Thada Adel, Acquisitor
  • Trinket Mage
  • Thieving Magpie
  • Master Transmuter
  • Inkwell Leviathan


  • Sol Ring
  • Mana Vault
  • Armillary Sphere
  • Orzhov Signet
  • Azorius Signet
  • Dimir Signet
  • Darksteel Ingot
  • Dreamstone Hedron
  • Skullclamp
  • Voltaic Key
  • Sun Droplet
  • Sword of the Meek
  • Sculpting Steel
  • Skeleton Shard
  • Crystal Shard
  • Crystal Ball
  • Nevinyrral’s Disk
  • Lux Cannon
  • Mirrorworks
  • Eternity Vessel
  • Spine of Ish-Sah
  • Pilgrim’s Eye
  • Kuldotha Forgemaster
  • Memnarch

Basic Land

  • Swamp (6)
  • Plains (8)
  • Island (8)

So there it is! It’s a fun list, and I’m looking to improve it whenever I get new cards or when new sets come out. For instance, I definitely need to get a Solemn Simulacrum, Phyrexian Metamorph, and when it comes out, a Buried Ruin. I’m sure there are plenty of other good utility cards I just don’t have for the deck too, like Academy Ruins, Enlightened Tutor, Demonic Tutor, etc. My cube comes first when buying cards, of course! If you see anything in my list that looks interesting, try it in your deck! One of my favorite combinations is sacrificing Pilgrim’s Eye with Skullclamp over and over. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is really powerful as a simple draw engine as well.

Thanks for taking a look!


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  1. Your deck sucks

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