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Darksteele Cube Draft Video – 07-21-11 – Pack 1

July 27, 2011

On July 21st I participated in Thea Steele’s MTGO weekly cube draft (you can see and practice drafting her list at or see her list and changes on her blog). I was able to capture video of the drafting process and some of the rounds, mostly just to see how the video capture process would work. If its’ a hit, I’ll see what else I can do, whether it’s more drafts (such as drafting my own cube on or maybe a video set review or crack-a-pack.

It’s a slow process getting the time to edit the draft/match footage, but I now have the video for Pack 1 complete!

Let me know what you think of the video itself, my pick decisions, etc. I know I’ve made some controversial decisions in the interest of just straight drafting an archetype, and some decisions I would make differently if I had to choose again.


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  1. Hey I really enjoyed the video: P1P1, Venser can be a little greedy on the mana base especially when there are options like Mind Twist and Recurring Nightmare available but the whole point of cube is to play what you enjoy!

    I can imagine some of the interactions in the deck being quite interesting – i.e. Blinking a Man-o-War or Reveillark for value. Looking forward to the rest.

    You should have a peek at the live draft me and some buddies did last weekend on my blog complete with videos

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