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Multicolor Mixup – Gruul

December 2, 2011

Welcome back to my short multicolor mixup series, where the cuts and replacements are Gruuling.

… I’ll be here all night.

Anyway, here is my current Gruul section:

Stomping Ground
Raging Ravine
Copperline Gorge

Kird Ape
Giant Solifuge
Bloodbraid Elf
Sarkhan Vol

Once again, the lands already included in the guild section are wonderful, and will be staying. At the moment, due to a fairly high prevalence of good green-red cards, Gruul has a higher than normal amount of spells compared to fixing in the section. Does everything still make the cut? Let’s find out!

Kird Ape – Like Loam Lion, this classic critter just comes down very early and provides a solid body for one mana in the right deck.

Stormbind – This enchantment brings reach to aggro decks, in a similar manner to Sulfuric Vortex or Words of War. Once it’s on the table, you can pump out nigh-uncounterable damage as long as you have enough cards to pitch.

Giant Solifuge – This guy is really great at coming in with non-targetable damage, except when your opponent has creatures. When compared to something like Flametongue Kavu, Vengevine, or Keldon Champion, does it really stack up? The hybrid cost is gentle on the draft pick orders, but is not usually a factor in-game at 4 converted mana cost. In the end, this is a “safe” aggro/midrange card with an awkward resilience/fragility combintation and no overt archetype support. Also, it works very poorly with its upcoming replacement.

Bloodbraid Elf – The king of aggro decks. His hasty card and mana advantage quickly turns small board positions into large ones.

Sarkhan Vol – An underrated planeswalker that can both pump up the whole team, or steal whole games away from control opponents. It supports archetypes and open decision-making, making this is exactly the kind of card I want in multicolor.

What does a green-deck crave? Killing your opponent before they can recover from superior board position. What hurts green-red decks? Making them start from square one after a wrath effect. How can we give green-red decks some resiliency to those effects, plus make their opponents die faster?

This Standard-bearer looks strong for cube!

Kessig Wolf Run – Another land from Innistrad! Like Gavony Township in GW token decks, this gives each one of your creatures the power to kill your opponent very quickly. Instead of overwhelming your opponent, all you have to do is swing in and pump as much and as often as possible. And after a debilitating wrath, where victory is typically out of reach, even a simple 1/1 can threaten the game.

And that’s Gruul! Next up, Rakdos!


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