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Missing Cards and SCG: Washington, DC

January 17, 2012

We interrupt your current blog series with the announcement of a small crisis.

Cards have gone missing. I repeat: Cards have gone missing.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually know where they went. It started when I was looking for my recently-inserted Liliana of the Veil. Not finding it, I separated all of the black cards from the cube and started cataloging them. Then I found (or rather, didn’t find) a few more cards missing. Thus began a full-scale cube audit. In total, I’m missing almost twenty cards. I spent about 5 hours scouring my whole collection of boxes looking for them.

They are a semi-random looking selection of cards. I know a specific window of time when they went missing. But not how. I’ve narrowed it down to either leaving the small stack at a store I’ve cubed at, or at a diner my playgroup frequents, or theft. The mere possibility of theft worries me. If that was the case, I assume it happened at the store, by someone I don’t know very well who just swiped the cards while no-one was looking.

At this point, I have moved on, and consider it a loss. I will, of course, need replacements.  This is what’s gone:

Mind Stone (Gateway Foil)
Powder Keg (MPR Foil)
Qasali Pridemage (FNM Foil)
Kitchen Finks
Porcelain Legionnaire (Foil, I think)
Path to Exile (Gateway Foil)
Fiend Hunter (Foil)
Mirran Crusader (Buy-a-Box Foil)
Baneslayer Angel
Armageddon (Portal 2nd Age)
Thirst for Knowledge (Foil)
Hypnotic Specter (MPR Foil)
Liliana of the Veil
Phyrexian Arena
Recurring Nightmare
Siege-Gang Commander (Xth Foil)
Eternal Witness
Mirri’s Guile

If you are reading this and will be at the Star City Games Open in Washington, DC this upcoming weekend, and have any of these cards available for sale or trade, please let me know. I have ‘regular’ backup of some of the promo cards and foils, but I would like to get them again if possible.

There’s probably going to be some re-evaluation of where I cube and who I let handle the cards based on this. I’m really disappointed, since it’s hard enough getting enough people to cube on a regular basis anyway, and I don’t want to impose any additional restrictions.

Anyone go through something similar before? Lost a deck or had cards go missing? Discuss!


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  1. Additionally, I’m always on the lookout for other cards, including promos and foils. My goals right now are removing white borders from certain cards from Revised/4th Editions, finishing the Ravnica block shockland set, Onslaught fetchlands, and a few other miscellaneous cards.

    I’m also deeply entrenched in Commander, and play Standard regularly. Anyone probably has cards I’d like to trade for. 🙂

  2. hey, i just looked through all of my stuff to see if i have any of what your missing and the only thing i came across was a Fifth Dawn Eternal Witness and i might be able to get the Qasali Pridemage FNM Foil im sure my buddy has one that i can get off of him.

    i live in Canada and id ship you at least the Witness if you would like it, im on Twitter as well thats how i found out about this, my twitter thinger is @Chris_MTGplayer let me know 🙂


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