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The Greatly Delayed Commander / Innistrad Cube Update Post (part 2)

February 13, 2012

I really need to get these card updates out a little faster. This update includes quite a bit of changes due to Innistrad, Commander, and recent acquisitions before my Dark Ascension updates. Some of these changes I’ve posted in my recent multicolor roundup posts.

Without further ado:


New –> Exotic Orchard
New –> Forbidden Orchard

I’m trying these lands out. Part of this is to gear up for the removal of either the Vivid or Shard land cycle (or both), without completely removing the lands that 4+ color control decks like to have. I’m beginning to add various Zendikar/Onslaught fetchlands and Ravnica dual lands as I acquire them, and will be removing the slower multicolor land support once I get them all. Until the cycles are complete, I’ll have a few extra cards in the cube. They’re fixing lands, so I’m not that worried about the color balance changes this creates (too much fixing isn’t that bad of a problem).

Artifacts / Colorless

Moved from Black –> Dismember

With the addition of Dismember to the artifacts (and Porcelain Legionnaire already residing there), it’s now truly a “colorless” section rather than an artifact section. Dismember is cast often enough in non-black decks and in partially-black decks (paying life) to consider it more of a hybrid spell, much like its performance in constructed Magic.


Behemoth Sledge –> Gavony Township
Giant Solifuge –> Kessig Wolf Run
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV –> Geist of St. Traft
Golgari Signet –> Pernicious Deed
Void –> Olivia Voldaren
Orzhov Signet –> Vindicate
New –> Sphinx of the Steel Wind
Orzhov –> Godless Shrine
Dimir –> Polluted Delta
Boros –> Arid Mesa
Simic –> Misty Rainforest
Izzet –> Scalding Tarn
Golgari –> Verdant Catacombs
Orzhov –> Marsh Flats

With this update I add quite a few new lands, as mentioned above. Additionally, I start taking care of the updates in my multicolor roundup. I also aquired Pernicious Deed (i.e. Best Golgari Spell Ever) and Sphinx of the Steel Wind (my one Esper card, great for the Tinker / Reanimation deck archetypes, as well as a solid control finisher)


Revoke Existence –> Seal of Cleansing
Ronom Unicorn –> Midnight Haunting

Revoke Existence is replaced by Seal of Cleansing. It interacts less favorably with some things, like Wurmcoil Engine, but better with Sun Titan, and is more proactive of an answer. I tend to like permanents like this, which trade tempo for options (or vice-versa) depending on the game state. Ronom Unicorn is out, as enchantments are, in general, not so unbearable that it requires the effect on a bear. Midnight Haunting is a great spell for the token archetype, which is gathering additional support with every new set, Dark Ascension included.


Mtenda Lion –> Skinshifter
Obstinate Baloth –> Vengevine

Mtenda Lion is cute, but Skinshifter is stronger, and trades a drawback against blue for being a fairly sizable threat against blue. Vengevine is a new acquire, and replaces Obstinate Baloth; the beast was surviving solely for his interactions in the blink/recursion archetypes, and while I like my blink shenanigans in cube, I like aggressive cards a lot too.


Goblin Patrol –> Stromkirk Noble
Spikeshot Goblin –> Reckless Waif

Stromkirk Noble has done well in testing so far, and I do not miss the Echo on the goblin at all. Reckless Waif should prove to be fairly aggressive as well, and can really punish players without a first turn play. Spikeshot Goblin, on the other hand, was not very effective due to the intense mana costs for his ability (and weak effects without equipment), and I don’t forsee that changing with some ideas I have in the works for my cube.


Plague Sliver –> Sewer Nemesis
Dismember –> Entomb
Innocent Blood –> Liliana of the Veil
Phyrexian Rager –> Exhume

Mentioned earlier, Dismember still has a home in my cube, albeit in a much less colorful place. Plague Sliver gets an casting cost easing to Sewer Nemesis; also, it’s just as big, with less pain. I like Innocent Blood, but Liliana needs a home, and this was the first place that felt like an analogue; I might change this up with another card after playing without it. Phyrexian Rager, like Obstinate Baloth, is mostly just a value critter, and I wanted to put even more reanimation archetype support in my cube. Entomb and Exhume should help this out a bit.


Riftwing Cloudskate –> Snapcaster Mage

Obvious change is obvious!

Thanks for taking a look. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!


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