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April 10, 2012

I just came across this blog post by Andrew that shares a lot of my feelings toward power in cube. My primary reason for not including power in my own cube is the same as his – it reduces the power and increases the number of first-pickable cards in each pack (or rotisserie draft). Moxen aren’t always the right choice, of course, as there are those archetype-defining powerhouses like planeswalkers, Survival of the FIttest, and whatnot. But I think that the power levels of the most powerful cards in the game since the days of ‘broken’ cards is fairly consistent, and gives a lot more leeway for drafters to pick their own preferred (or apparent) archetypes in a draft. The choice between cards like Stoneforge Mystic, Bitterblossom, and even “fairer” cards like Lightning Bolt and Grafted Wargear, are not immediately apparent, and make for interesting draft decisions.

Couture Ultimatum

After playing casual magic for nine years, I decided that if I was going to sink my money into a hobby like this one, I was going to do something with it. I was already heavily into Commander as well as FNMs (which at my local store happen to be booster draft), but I wanted more. It was around this time that I started researching Cubing. I was also playing in limited Grand Prixs and I wanted to capture the experience of high level limited back home the way that the usual booster draft never could. Once month later, I had a Cube of 480 cards and I have never looked back. Cubing takes the intensity of limited magic, and combines with it the deliciousness of constructed magic. It also lets you create a format that you find to your liking. Since its inception, my Cube has grown up and out, currently filling a healthy roster of 520 cards.

People think of…

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