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Avacyn Restored First Thoughts – April 12, 2012 Spoilers

April 13, 2012

There are more Avacyn Restored spoileres revealed today, and one of them is a doozy! In other news, I cringe every time I say a colloquialism like that. Or when I say “colloquialism.” Makes me feel old. On to my thoughts on the previews!

We have another pair of angels today, one of which is sure to make a hit as many player’s commander.

Bruna, Light of Alabaster is fairly wordy, but it’s all to demonstrate her mastery of auras. Whenever she attacks or blocks you can transfer as many auras on the battlefield, in the garveyard, and in your hand onto her. One of the weaknesses of auras is their inherent card disadvantage versus creature removal, and Bruna negates that disadvantage. Unfortunately, there are very few auras in most cubes, so she serves as a hard-to-cast 5/5 flier with vigilance.

Emancipation Angel reminds me of Kor Skyfisher from Zendikar. For an additional white mana, you gain a point of power compared to the Kor. I don’t think the resulting cost-benefit of the Angel is good enough. At three mana, there are plenty of other creatures without drawbacks that have relevant combat or enters-the-battlefield effects, and I’m much happier playing those. Even Stonecloaker, which has a similar “drawback” is much easier to cast and performs similarly on the attack. Emancipation Angel is also low on the excitement scale. In peasant cubes, I might be able to see it making the cut.

Green got an impressive pump spell. It’s a miracle! No, really, it’s a Miracle.

Revenge of the Hunted gives a Titan-ic sized growth and a Lure to one of your creatures until end of turn. As a top deck, it costs one mana. If it’s in your hand, you’ll have to pay full price: six mana. This might actually be reasonable for a budget cube that wants to give green a way to push through a lot of damage at once. It’ll have to compete with Briarhorn and Stonewood Invocation.

And blue gets not one, but two awesome spells.

Ghostly Flicker is going to be amazing in limited. I haven’t seen what it’s going to enable, but building around creatures entering the battlefield and letting them dodge removal is going to have a huge effect. In cube, I don’t think it competes against blue’s other powerful counterspells and card manipulation. I wonder what Adam Styborski thinks about it for his commons cube, though. 🙂

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is one of two planeswalkers in Avacyn Restored, and it is simply awesome. It’s got powerful Icy Manipulator and targeted Theft of Dreams abilities, and an ultimate that takes over the game similar to Venser and Koth. I removed Jace, Memory Adept from my cube already, for being non-interactive and generally unfun to play with, and I would suggest running Tamiyo over the latest Jace to anyone that hasn’t already cut him. It’s simply going to result in games that are more interactive and fun. For my own cube, I may have to remove an expensive counterspell to fit it in.

There are a lot of hits from Avacyn Restored so far – at least one card per day for cube! The set is looking strong as a whole for cube, hopefully it will continue with more interesting cards, and maybe even a playable miracle.

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