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Avacyn Restored First Thoughts – April 19, 2012 Spoilers

April 20, 2012

Now that I’m caught up with the 18th, I can review today’s cards. There aren’t quite as many left over, but there are some impressive cards among them.

Starting at four mana and ramping up, we have six cards to review:

Misthollow Griffin may be “cast from exile”… this is a completely new ability! I’m already seeing broken combos in Commander with this card, but I don’t think the ability pushes out other powerful blue cards at four mana right now. Dungeon Geists seems like it will be better in most situations since it has a relevant battlefield ability and exile effects are few and far between in cube.

Archwing Dragon brings up comparisons to various Viashino and Hell’s Thunder. The evasion makes it much more suited for cube than the Viashino, but the casting cost makes it compare to the other great four-mana cards in red, like Koth of the Hammer, Hero of Oxid Ridge, and Hellrider. Additionally, even though the combined cost of casting it twice is equal to casting Hell’s Thunder and unearthing it, I can’t think of a recent time where I would need to repeatedly cast Hell’s Thunder more than twice, which might make future castings of the Dragon irrelevant.

Soul of the Harvest is an awesome elemental that reminds me of Garruk’s Packleader and Primordial Sage. It’s much bigger than either, and its ability is better also. I think this is a contender to the spot that Rampaging Baloths currently has in my cube. Casting multiple creatures may be easier than abusing landfall, especially when casting creatures refills your hand. It’s therefore more mana intensive, but you may be more likely to get something better than a vanilla 4/4 creature out of it.

Terminus is a new wrath similar to Hallowed Burial, which is stronger than many people give credit. There are a lot of creatures that can get around “destroy” effects and have either built-in recursion via undying, or “dies” effects that are bad for you. Terminus increases the base cost of the effect to six mana, but can be cast as a miracle. This is worth considering in your cube if you don’t currently have other six-mana wraths like Akroma’s Vengeance or Austere Command, but most cubes only need a couple or few wrath effects.

Infinite Reflection is so cool! Make all of your guys into clones of your opponent’s titan? Sure! But maybe not in cube. I’d rather just steal my opponent’s creature with Control Magic.

Primal Surge is also a very cool spell that I can’t wait to abuse in Commander. With a casting cost equal to that of Time Stretch, the effect ought to be huge, and if you build your deck correctly, it really is. Lovers of Genesis Wave, this card from Avacyn Restored is right up your alley.

This round of cards had some big effects and look like a lot of fun to build around. I just started building some base blue-and-green Commander decks that are going to love these cards. I wonder what will be coming out tonight!

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