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A non-set release update?!

February 2, 2016

This is a really great write-up on how Usman updated his cube to include more support for colorless. I particularly enjoyed the reasoning for which kind of lands were included for each color pair.

The Third Power Podcast

Yep, I did a (small) change to my list.  🙂

I got to thinking of colorless sources to integrate {C} cards more easily and in my article review of OGW, I talked about some of the colorless mana fixers.  Some of the more frequently cited sources are painlands and filters, etc.

I hesitated on including another land fixing cycle to my list since it seemed like it wasn’t, for lack of better terms, necessary.

However, this wasn’t really based on anything quantitative, just a general “feeling” and realized that data trumps “feeling” handily and thought to include another cycle of {C}-friendly lands to accommodate for cards like Thought-Knot Seer.  A few days later, I remembered Andy Cooperfauss’ article for cube land fixers (it seemed he misread my article on signets as he thought my POV on signets was the opposite view that I had and still hold – tl;dr are…

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