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Hi, my name is Brian Miller, and I started playing Magic: the Gathering in fall of 2010 — I should say, “started playing again.” I took a pretty long break from the game, having played a bit in high school around the times of the Ice Age through Mercadian Masques sets. I was a fairly casual player then, on the strictest of budgets, and though I could technically say I played Standard and Extended (I think this was Revised and forward sets), I didn’t know much about Magic theory at the time and thus was never competitive. When I came back to the game, it was on a whim, and as my luck would have it, I started playing shortly after Magic 2010 was released, when Magic was just starting to experience a new influx of players (probably like myself). What began as a small diversion and a way to meet new people has grown into my biggest hobby.

I came across the MTGSalvation Forums shortly after beginning my new collection, first to get suggestions for building a Standard deck, and later came across the Cube and EDH/Commander formats; the latter is very popular in my local playgroup. After reading about cubes, I knew I had to have one, and luckily I already had a few older cards that were worthy additions. Other older cards and my new Standard commons and uncommons started filling up the cube, and it’s been in a continual state of improvement ever since. Each new expansion has found a way to improve the cube, and through the power of trading and The Internet, I’ve been able to acquire many other staples and unique additions.

I unfortunately don’t get to cube as much as I would like, but it is easily one of my favorite ways to play Magic. It’s analogous to being able to take a classic board game, like Monopoly or Chess, and update it with new rules, piece interactions, properties, and Chance cards, always keeping the game new and skill rewarding.

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  1. Charlie permalink

    Judging from your posts, it seems like you’re active in the DC area. If you’re looking for more opportunities to test out your Cube, the folks on the DC/MD/NOVA meet-up groups organize semi-monthly cube drafts. We’d love to give yours a try, given the amount of thought you’ve put into it.

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