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About the blog

Welcome to my blog, The Cube Miser!

This blog is dedicated to the Magic: The Gathering draft variant format known as Cube. It contains information about all of the cubes in my collection, and will have everything from in-depth articles, random musings, and more.

One of the things I hope to develop is a series of articles designed to help newcomers to the format construct and refine their cube, especially for people on a budget.

Another series I would like to do is set reviews, like anyone would do for a new set coming out for either limited or constructed, and rating cards for their viability in the Cube format.

I frequently post as “bwian” at the Cube forum on the MTGSalvation Forums, which I highly recommend visiting if you want help either getting started or if you have any questions regarding the format, how to improve your cube, etc., as well as participate in interesting exercises like community drafts, Pack 1 Pick 1 “what do you choose” puzzles, and create-a-card wish list threads.

Feel free to browse the site and comment on what you see. I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for visiting!

One Comment
  1. Just wanted to comment and say that I really like your blog so far, and hope you keep it up! I think budget cards are a pretty under-discussed topic, and it seems like you will do a great job.

    Also, giving each card a rating with respect to cube size is a good move- it helps in giving context to your recommendations. I’d do the same if I do another set review.

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