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Many thanks go out to the various cube owners that have inspired me and helped me make decisions with my cube, especially these users of the MTGSalvation Forums: wtwlf, usman, eidolon232, kojiro, Pringlesman, iceage4life, callibretto, rantipole, cuttups, killem2, and Star Slayer. Each one has provided feedback and ideas throughout my cube-building process.

Special thanks to Evan Erwin and Thea Steele for their contributions to the format, including publicity, knowledge, and generosity.

Extra special thanks to my playgroup members that have enjoyed playing the cube and provided ideas, feedback, and cards! Abe has been an especially supportive member with his enthusiasm and foil upgrades. Nick has the unique distinction for being loved and hated for his suggestion to nerf my EDH decks to make the cube better. His knowledge is sound, but causes me to lose more EDH games. Kudos. 🙂

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for a great game. The game, cards, and artwork are their intellectual property.

Any card scan images on this blog have been gathered from the website, which is supported by the efforts of the “MWSHQ team” and others.

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