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theCubeMiser’s Unpowered Cube

This is my main, traditional, unpowered cube. I started it in mid-2010, after returning to Magic after a long break. It’s grown from 450 cards all the way to just over 600 at this point. This allows some leeway with respect to pet cards, pushing certain archetypes that might not be well represented without a critical mass of effects, and a good amount of variance of cards seen from draft to draft. Typically, the cube is drafted with 4-8 players (6 players actually works well with teams of 3), and Grid drafted or Winchester drafted with two players.

I aim to keep this cube playable in nearly every draft format, with the exception that I don’t make any decisions with multiplayer in mind.

I use a guild/shard system for categorizing multicolor cards and dual lands. I adopted it after others on the MTGSalvation Forums started using it with good results. It allows each guild to have roughly the same amount of action and support, while letting each color combination determine how the ratio of each should happen. For example, some guilds would rather have more fixing or mana production (Azorius, Dimir) while others want more spells (Rakdos, Gruul), and others have fewer spells that are worth running. Breaking cycles gives each guild the most powerful cards it wants to use based on the archetypes they support.

My current cube list is now exclusively on!

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